Yoga Antibes

Nature Rythm Yoga

Being in Harmony and Connected with Nature to Experience Mindfulness

In Antibes & Across the French Riviera

If you listen to nature, it provides everything you need now

By paying careful attention to the nature around you and synchronizing yourself with its rhythm, you can experience deep peace and serenity. Yoga teaches us to be fully present. Mindfulness, combined with the presence in nature through listening and feeling, is a pathway to this state.

My flows are built with full consciousness of nature, and I am dedicated to guiding you through this deep wellness experience in your practice.

Inspired by nature’s rhythm and elements, you will flow with me and appreciate this yoga journey, which is a combination of Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Pilates, Dance, and Iyengar yoga, all infused with mindfulness.

The warrior yoga

Certified by Aria Crescendo, the renowned creator of Warrior Yoga, I summarize this style as a challenging yoga practice. It focuses on the Ujjayi breath to help you go deeper and hold postures longer.

Warrior Yoga is a sport-oriented practice that combines Vinyasa, Ashtanga, and Pilates. I also ensure that your postures are correctly aligned.

As a massage therapist since 2013, I have integrated my knowledge of the body and anatomy into this yoga practice. This yoga style is excellent for improving strength, cardio, and a warrior mindset. The goal is to spread positive vibes to help you achieve your goals. Pilates is also incorporated into this yoga session.

Nature Rhythm Private Yoga in Antibes

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Nature Rhythm Yoga

This session is inspired by the rhythms of nature and the four elements: water, earth, air, and fire. Each element has its own energy, which serves as the inspiration for these flows. Dance yoga is also an influence in this course. A deep meditation will guide you to experience the present moment. This unique yoga flow is a true journey, experienced by the sea in Antibes.

Warrior Yoga Antibes

This training session is more suited for sporty individuals. It will challenge you and make you feel the heat. Pilates and breathing exercises are integrated into this practice. Warrior Yoga is a dynamic class that will boost your energy and power. Don’t worry, savasana is still included, and you will appreciate it more than ever!

Recovery Yoga Antibes

This course is dedicated to releasing all the tension from your body and mind. It embodies the concepts of « let it go » and « let it be. » Smooth and gentle are the keywords for this private class. Aromatherapy, sound baths, and acupressure are incorporated into this recovery yoga session in Antibes. It is perfect after a hard day or an intense training session.